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Hi! I'm Idyl and welcome to my site. I did this page as a project for Leonardo Articles, which is an English as a 2nd Language and Web Design program. If you'd like to hire me, look for the contact form available on this site. Below is my Resume, with a few examples of online websites and content material I composed before.

Graduated with distinction from McGrade University
10 years of content creation experience (in particular intended for Online readers)
6 years of website design experience.
Committed, team player employee with a taste for information.

Work Experience.
Leonardo Articles,2011 - Present
Office manager
Responsible for managing a international team of writers to accommodate a specialized set of advanced goals and objectives.
- Set cutting edge records for production, expanding production by 30% around the world
- Properly operated ongoing logs of task distribution
- Handled QA for worldwide development over a sizable team of writers

Self-employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Mandarin
Outstanding knowledge using a various choice of office software

You can find my work on these sites

Baby Boy Names

Apart from just finding a suitable name for a baby, for some people naming baby boys is a great deal. In the olden days, boys are considered to be the family’s standard name bearer naturally capable of carrying the family’s namesakes or surnames. Few decades ago the trend of baby boy... Read more..

Baby Name Meanings

Isn’t it great to realize that a little angel is coming into parents’ lives soon? Of course, before that time comes, parents should think of a beautiful name for the angel. There are a lot of choices of baby names for boys and girls. Hence, there are baby names... Read more..

Baby Names And Their Meanings

Different names are given to boys and girls that have different meanings. Some are even derived from the bible; some of the most common names for example is the name “John”. This name is used by people all over the world no matter what race or ethnicity. In biblical times, Jesus himself gave this name to one of his disciples.... Source of information..

Boy Names

You can have Tate or Tay as nickname. The name is getting popular today.Kalvin – This can be spelled Calvin with having a nickname of Kal or Vin. Baxter – This is truly an unusual name which... More on this site..

Cool Screen Names

Because these screen names are usually what other people see first, you have to make sure that your own screen name can catch their attention. According to the online experts, having cool screen names can actually increase your chances of having your profile viewed by more people. This means you can get more friend requests, you can talk to different individuals and you get to interact with others more too. But how exactly can one make a normal... Click here to read more..

Irish Names

When it comes to simple tactile enjoyment of sound and interesting patterns there are no real comparison that can be made with the resonance of Irish names and their tonal music, interesting phonetic composition, unique construct of all kinds of consonants and rich history of Irish culture as it is represented in the actual construction the name in terms of lineage in the... Find out more...

Italian Names

Here are some examples of names which end in specified letters with their corresponding examples: -e and –o Alcide Amilcare Dante... Source..

Last Name Generator

But when it comes to last names, it can be a challenge to many. Sometimes, when the writer has already come up with the first names of the characters for the story, he or she forgets about the last names and goes on with the story only to realize that the story will not be as grounded to reality without a character with a last name. So they come up with... Source..

Muslim Baby Names

  Muslim baby names are not only used by Muslims but also by people from different religions because of their innate beauty and uniqueness. If you are a parent to a child and you want to name your baby something special choosing a Muslim name is a good choice. There... Source..

Names For Girls

A name is the primary thing that will help you know who a person is. Names are traditionally given to be identified at the same time differentiated from... To read more click here...

Pretty Girl Names

New parents and parents to be are always excited in naming their newborn baby. For parents with newborn baby girl, parents would search then via internet for the lists of pretty girl names. Some would even buy... To read more click here...

The Meaning Of Names

A name is a word or group of words specifically assigned to a particular place, thing, object or person. We may perish in this world but the reputation we give to our name as well as our legacy implicated with our personal name will remain and will be remembered beyond our life time. In the olden days choosing... More on this page..

Unique Baby Names

Presently, naming babies is becoming a greater big deal and is more commercialized with the increasingly business popularity of baby naming services, wherein some parents to be would even go to a great length of finding unique baby names through spending a fortune for just one name by hiring services from baby naming service consultants. In the old days, naming baby does not cost a thing and is said to have cultural or religious influences. Parents during those... Source of information..

What Does My Name Mean

Next is Sophia, which means wisdom.Then Emma, derived from a German word which means, entire or universe. Followed by Olivia, meaning Olive... Click here to continue..

Calorie Requirements

A calorie calculator can guide you in your proper diet and it can give you a rough estimate of the amount of calorie that you should consume... Read more..

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are still amongst the world’s biggest health concerns.Eating disorders still appear to be more common among women than men, particular younger... Source of information..

How To Lose Weight Fast

These foods contain loads of excess calories that eventually will pile up and add more to your existing adipose tissue. Instead of wasting your time over these foods try to indulge in fiber-rich foods that help in eliminating toxins. Learn to love vegetables and fruits for these contain the right nutrients that will help you in losing weight while keeping it... Source..

Foods With Calcium

That is why every time you go on an annual check up with your physician dietary inquisitions can never be avoided because it is through these questions that the health care provider can get a brief overview of the kind of nutrition you are getting. One important mineral that should not be taken for granted is Calcium. This mineral is important to maintain our muscle’s function and it contributes greatly to our cardiovascular system. Moreover, calcium sustains the condition... Find out more...